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U11 Champions | Britannia Soccer Club

12/05/2017, 4:45pm MST
By Stephens Williams

Britannia Soccer Club's first fall season came to the perfect end with our U11 squad winning the Rise Volt Classic Soccer Tournament and becoming champions in the U11 Bracket this past weekend in Missouri City, TX. As a club, this was only our second ever tournament entry and to finish the weekend as champions, truly made this weekend special.

Britannia Soccer Club was the only team not affiliated with Rise SC in the bracket of 6 teams with our team being seeded in the A bracket. The Schedule was simple...2 games Saturday, Semi-Final Sunday morning, Final Sunday afternoon.

The Team

#3 Tristan
#4 Brody
#5 Walker
#6 Ella
#8 John
#9 Colton
#10 Cameron
#12 Alex
#16 Josh
#17 Rahil

#18 Liam
#20 Brandon
#22 Ileana

Game #1 - The perfect start

Our first game of the tournament was an early one... 8:00 am but, we learned from our previous early games that we had to start quick, keep possession and make sure our passes were completed.

What followed was one of the best performances I have seen from this young squad and made a clear statement to the rest of the bracket...Britannia was here to COMPETE!

Britannia won the game 4-0 with goals from #9 Colton and a superb hat-trick from #10 Cameron to give us a perfect start to the tournament and put us top of the group with 10 points (6 points = Win, 3 points = 3 x goals, 1 point = clean sheet).

Everything was clicking during this game.

Passing was superb, movement on and off the ball was amazing and most importantly, we worked together as a team to make sure we highlighted what we have worked hard for all season long. The most impressive part of the game was the players understanding of the oppositions attacking threat and stopping this out so early in the game.

Win #1

3 more games to go.

Game #2 - Team Spirit

Saturday afternoon we returned to action with the focus on winning and putting ourselves into the semi-final on Sunday morning by topping the bracket, and we did just that with another dominating performance in front of goal.

Britannia, yet again, ran out 4-0 winners with goals from #10 Cameron x 2, #3 Tristan and #12 Alex. The great part was #12 Alex's long-distance strike was his first goal of the season, and what a goal it was!

This game was a great learning point for the team as they understood how to get the result they wanted when not playing their best. Every team has games like this, but not all teams get the result they wanted. This wasn't the same performance as the morning game but we did what we came to do...finish Saturday top of the bracket with the maximum points we could get.


2 Wins  

Maximum points: 20

2 more games to go.

This put us in a great position for the semi-final as the winner of bracket A played the second place team in bracket B.

Game #3 - We march on!

Ask any soccer fan what’s the best way to start a semi-final and they will tell you "Get an early goal to settle the nerves" and that's exactly how we started...1-0 within 2 minutes.

From then on there was only ever going to be one winner and we took care of business in the first half with goals from #9 Colton x 2 and #10 Cameron to take a 3-0 lead into the break. In the second half, we looked comfortable in keeping possession and not allowing the opposition any chance of getting near the goal, apart from 1 free kick that was perfectly handled by our goalkeeper #8 John and we finished the game 3-0 winners.

With the full-time whistle signaling an end to the semi-final, Britannia Soccer Club secured its first ever finals place!

To this point, we have to mention that our goal keeping duo of #20 Brandon & #8 John and our defensive unit of #17 Rahil#5 Walker#22 Ileana plus #6 Ella and #16 Josh had played a huge part in helping the team complete 3 straight shutouts and seeing us to a final without conceding a single goal.
In these games though, we have to give credit to the forwards and midfielders who were also instrumental in the shutouts with their pressing and tackling up the field, allowing the defense to take it easy (#3 Tristan, #4 Brody, #6 Ella, #8 John, #9 Colton, #10 Cameron, #12 Alex, #16 Josh, #18 Liam, #20 Brandon)

3 Games

3 Wins

1 Final on the way


Over the course of Sunday, the scattered showers had turned the field into a mud bath but that wouldn't get in our way as we took on the Rise SC team from Pearland that finished top of bracket B.

We didn't want to have any excuses for the field affecting us or the bad weather so we set out with the same mentality as the earlier 3 games...start quick, get an early goal.

We didn't just get one early goal...we got 3! #9 Colton x 2 and #10 Cameron helped us burst out to a 3-0 lead in the first half to give us the comfortable cushion we wanted.

Have you ever heard of a final without controversy? of course not, so why did you think this one would be any different?

All weekend we had played 25 minutes per half, but for some unknown reason, the referee decided we were playing 30 minutes per half in the final. In the 28th minute of a 25 minute half, a good individual run and goal saw our team concede for the first time all tournament and go into the break 3-1 up.

The longer the game went on, the more the field turned into a bog and soccer turned into "Stuck in the mud". In the second half, we weathered the storm for a long time before an uncleared ball found its way into the goal to make it 3-2 with 6 minutes to go.

For as long as I live, the next goal is one of my all-time favorites. 
Not because it sealed our first ever tournament victory and crowned us as champions, not because it was a fantastic way to seal a hat-trick in a final
, not because it was 60 seconds after we had just conceded, but...because it was the perfect "momentum killer" and the perfect way to silence the opposition (and their unsportsmanlike parents).

Let me paint you a picture.

The field that was once covered in grass at the start of the day has now been replaced with mud. The crowd is going wild and supporters are pushing for both teams to get that next, all-important goal. 
The opposition has had a chance
 to shoot and it has been cleared
 towards the halfway line.

Up steps #9 Colton.

He manages to control the ball on the halfway line and turn the covering defender. Somehow he manages to dig the ball out the mud and run towards goal with the defender on his back.
On the edge of the area, the ball gets caught up in the mud and slows down to a near stop. 

The crowd is now louder than ever, shouting and screams ringing around the field but that wasn't going to affect #9 Colton.

With the goalkeeper stuck in no-mans land and the defender just out of reach of a tackle, #9 Colton calmly slotted the ball across the goal and into the bottom corner to send the team, coaches and supports into jubilation and make the score 4-2.

The referee allowed the kickoff and shortly after blew the whistle for full-time (a whole 5 minutes early

) and that confirmed Britannia Soccer Club as CHAMPIONS of the U11 Bracket!


After a long season, this was the perfect end and a proud moment for everyone linked to the club.

As coaches we are proud of all the players as they worked hard, fought for every ball and came out on a team.

We are proud that they are part of Britannia Soccer Club and our soccer family.

The whole squad including the players who were not with us at the tournament deserve a lot of credit as they have worked hard and ended on a high note as being crowned CHAMPIONS

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